Nuevas variedades de semillas para la temporada Otoño-Invierno..!!!!




Reserva tus semillas para la temporada otoño invierno…!

Contamos con variedades nuevas:

Col Berza Southern Georgia

Col Berza Vates

Kale rizada Azul

Espinaca gigante VAtes

Cebolla de Verdeo Japonesa Perenne

Lechuga frisada Tango

Remolacha  Chioga de 2 colores

Remolacha Amarilla Cilindrica

Y las clasicas de siempre….

Repollo temprano Early Jersey

Brocoli Romanesco

Brocoli Violeta

Brocoli Calabrese

Espinaca Bloomsdale

Acelga Arco Iris

y muchas mas…!



nuevas semillas para esta temporada…!!!!!

Nuevas variedades de semillas para esta temporada primavera-verano.!!!!! Lechugas de verano, berenjenas, tomates, sandias se suman a nuestra variada lista de semillas organicas y antiguas. Todas las variedades son polinizadas abiertamente ademas de ser cultivadas en forma organica. PARA PEDIR TUS SEMILLAS HACE CLICK ACA berenjena listada de gandia     berenjena black beauty   lechuga pablo lechuga rouge grenobloise tomate anana endivia full heart sandia orangello   Read more [...]


” A garden, small or large, like a nuclear or extended family, give us a protected, friendly place to grow-not only to grow herbs in a way compatible with nature, but to grow in our own psychic awareness, to cultivate our potential for being sensitive and responsible citizens of the planet and grateful caretakers of our inherited treasures”


Herb Spiral

The herb spiral garden was one of the first permaculture projects at Shamballa. An herb spiral has a number of benefits: It can be built at little or no cost from readily available materials, it’s a good way in a limited amount of space to grow a variety of herbs that need different growing conditions, it’s easy to plant, tend and harvest, and it’s very attractive. Considering the high cost of culinary herbs, an herb spiral can pay for itself in its first season, and imagine having an abundance of delicious and aromatic herbs right in your yard! This herb garden also lets us create a variety of microclimates. Some plants, such as many of the Mediterranean herbs, need dry, sandy soil conditions, while others require a moist, bottomland type of soil. The herb spiral accommodates these needs, as it is designed to have different soil conditions at different parts of the spiral. The top is a warm, dry area that gets plenty of sun. The bottom is cool, shady and moist. The middle is, Read more [...]