Programa de aprendiz de revoques y pinturas naturales en octubre!!!!



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Cob Oven


There is an important, practical relationship between beauty and utility: to be beautiful, life must be useful, and vice-versa. The combination of beauty and utility is our common, human art. It seems to me that natural building, and particularly earthen building, restores that relationship”  Kiko Denzer


cob oven


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Welcome to our new website!!!!!

After closing our Prana experience in town (our juice bar-raw cafe) and travelling  for California, we are back in San Marcos Sierras.

Now back to building our house and for plastering time!!!!  We hope it is done in couple months since we are ready to move in.

We have some help from some brave volunteers that put their energy in every corner.  With the summer still in full swing, we occasionally escape to the river to pass the hot afternoons.

Here some pics…..