compost toilets

Everyday we hear people asking….what can we do to save the world?  so, we say….take care of your pee and poo!!!!!

almost nobody wants to talk about this, but it is necessary that we start taking responsability for our own waste….

From the permaculture point of view, composting our waste is he perfect example of the cycle of inputs and ouptus in a system and taking the problem as a solution.

When we first got to our land the first question was….what we are going to do with our shit?   We did a lot of research about different kinds of compost toilets and we came up with a design that work for us.

The “humanure” adds nutrients, nitrogen and phosphorus, to our soil. The more people that come to shamballa and leave their waste, the more soil we are building.

We d been composting our manure for more than one year and now is ready to enrich our soil for tree planting.  It is going to help to  our food forest grow abundant and healthy.

The other point is….why use our precious water to wash away our waste and contaminate streams?

let’s use the water for other purposes than flush it down the toilets.

We use 200 liters oil drums, cut then in half  and with handles….so we can move our waste from the building to the compost pile or we just let it sit in the drums covered for a year at least.  You can add some worms castings to it to help the process.

Why still people think that the shit is going to stink forever?  You can make good compost toilets or you can make bad ones….that is the difference.

Our compost toilets had been working for couple of years and there is absolute no smell, they are comfortable and can handle a lot of people at the time….







The Humanure Handbook – A Guide to Composting Human Manure by Joseph Jenkins