Help us rebuid shamballa gardens and road after a big flood….

Please help us save and rebuild Shamballa, our permaculture home and mini farm.  The vision of Andrea and Nathan, created and built by hand from the ground up.  We live in a small town and earn most of our income  through the sale of organic seeds, produce, and prepared foods.  

This March we experienced back to back abnormally high floods.  We live next to a seasonal river, and we lost not only our livelihood, our market and seed gardens, but also our only entrance road was completely destroyed, and a new branch of the river now runs in its place.  Anything on the ground, not connected to it, floated away; building materials to finish our home, our compost and manure piles for our gardens, tools, fences, all lost, and afterward everything covered or buried in mud.   Luckily we were able to keep the water out of our nearly finished cob and adobe house using sandbags, however two smaller buildings were flooded and left filled with mud.   The most damage is to our road.  Right now one could call it precarious. Another flood, even a small one will wipe it out again.  Our income washed away with the water and we are starting again, building our garden beds, replanting, rebuilding, and cleaning.  We need to raise $ to pay to replace what was lost and start building a more permanent solution to our road,  so we can get back on our feet.  Back to producing and being able to get it out to the market.  

We are reaching out to our friends, family and permaculture community for help…any donation, even small one, would make a difference to us. Thanks for your support!   donate here