building soil and fall garden at shamballa

  The last weeks we'd been working on building our soil, adding compost and organic material, building new beds for spring planting and building few hot compost piles. " Good composting, like good cooking, is anchored in an unabashed love of your ingredients, each and every one, and in a great, raring appreciation of change and inter being. Making compost is an art, the fine art of arranging garbage"  Wendy Johnson"       cabbages and kales   Nate turning the hot compost pile   mustard leaves   greens kale feathery friends   healthy meal after a gardening day....   kale, red cabbage, garlic and broccoli... day one hot compost pile mulching   Florian making the hot compost pile compost pile day 4 Lara working in the mandala garden more vegetables.... Read more [...]