kitchen garden and wild flowers

        The fall is here and a lot of work in the garden....harvesting, transplanting, mulching, sowing green manure for winter and winter crops.... The abundant wild flowers fill the air full of fragrances..... Tomatoes still ripening....  bee attractor wild flower   jazmin del monte o palo amarillo red clover red clover calendula mint cosmos and pollinator rucula sprouting paramagnetic rock mandala garden and the hose in the back juano checking the clovers inti and buda playing red clovers making compost piles and mulch fava beans for green manure peas for green manure mulching rucula, mustard, pock choi, lettuces, beets and some wild flowers lots of wild mushrooms in the garden!!! red lettuce morning glory rucula mulching and sowing some fava beans and peas at the mandala garden more tomatoes.... keyhole ktichen garden with rucula, chard, tomatoes, red cabbage, broccoli, Read more [...]