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Programa de aprendiz de revoques y pinturas naturales en octubre!!!!



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mud floor shamballa

mud floor…work in progress

We are working in our new mud floor for the main house. With the help of Florian, Lara and Guillermo, the floor is growing.  We decide not to add a humidity barrier, plastic or membrane, so  we can stand and connect with the earth under our feet.  Still waiting for the last layer to dry, but here are some pics of the work done so far.   Read more [...]

cob kitchen and adobe arches

Finally, we are having a day off from building!!!!....start celebrating Andrea's birthday on april 27th.... Making some progress on the kitchen walls and counters, adobe arches on the bathroom and toilet room. Luna checking the comfort of the new counter a view of the counter and walls the sink is in place.... counter, walls and windows Luna relaxing in her new place... adobe arches for the bathroom and toilet room adobe arches and buda... another view view from the room and sun room Nate relaxing ... Minu also trying the new counter from another angle.... counter approved..... Read more [...]

Mud Cook Stove

When we first moved to Shamballa, we built an outdoor kitchen that has been improved during the last 2 years and we are still using it. We start with a dome and a wood cooking stove made out of bricks, rocks, clay and sand.  It took us a several hours of work with the help of friends and family. Quick and easy. The good things about this kind of stoves is that you need 50% less wood and you just use small sticks.  Also you can build them inside of the house by adding a chimney . Another advantage is that they don't produce smoke and keep the air cleaner. The large consumption of wood required by the open-fire method has been a principal cause of deforestation as well as a burden on family finances for those that have to buy firewood. Wood is burned at the tips and is pushed in towards the fire as it burns. This limits the amount of wood being heated and the amount of volatile wood oils being driven off at any given time, so that they all get burnt completely. Pushing the Read more [...]

compost toilets

Everyday we hear people asking....what can we do to save the world?  so, we say....take care of your pee and poo!!!!! almost nobody wants to talk about this, but it is necessary that we start taking responsability for our own waste.... From the permaculture point of view, composting our waste is he perfect example of the cycle of inputs and ouptus in a system and taking the problem as a solution. When we first got to our land the first question was....what we are going to do with our shit?   We did a lot of research about different kinds of compost toilets and we came up with a design that work for us. The "humanure" adds nutrients, nitrogen and phosphorus, to our soil. The more people that come to shamballa and leave their waste, the more soil we are building. We d been composting our manure for more than one year and now is ready to enrich our soil for tree planting.  It is going to help to  our food forest grow abundant and healthy. The other point is....why use Read more [...]
more bottles


Welcome to our new website!!!!!

After closing our Prana experience in town (our juice bar-raw cafe) and travelling  for California, we are back in San Marcos Sierras.

Now back to building our house and for plastering time!!!!  We hope it is done in couple months since we are ready to move in.

We have some help from some brave volunteers that put their energy in every corner.  With the summer still in full swing, we occasionally escape to the river to pass the hot afternoons.

Here some pics…..